Advancing the next-gen of factory and building automation, energy, healthcare and transportation systems.

Level-up to industrial-strength security, connectivity and reliability

Flexible, scalable solutions for fast connectivity between industrial and commercial systems, designed to withstand hacking, cloning, tampering and soft errors in harsh e

Low Power, Battery-Friendly Solutions

Broad, scalable portfolio

Devices that operate 24/7 in harsh environments

Two decades of industrial engagement

Factory Automation

We enable industrial applications at all layers of factory automation, implementing secure connections from manufacturing level-up to the cloud.

  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics and operations management
  • Edge-to-cloud

Power and Energy

Build a connected grid of energy generation, distribution and consumption metering.


Our ruggedized processors serve a range of medical imaging, monitoring, diagnostic and treatment equipment.

Building Control

Our solutions are trusted to control access, lighting, HVAC, monitoring and safety systems.

Aerospace and Mobile Robotics

Our efficient and innovative unmanned aerial vehicle (UVA) designs with production-ready development platforms, tools and expert support.