Smart Home

Solutions to transform the home experience.

Transform the home with solutions that listen, learn and respond to enhance comfort, entertainment, safety and energy efficiency.

Start with a technology foundation that's scalable, energy efficient and secure by design.

Safety and security

Fast time-to-market

Broad, scalable portfolio


Smart Appliances


Home Controls and Security

Smart control devices learn to fit lifestyles and constantly adapt. Fulihao technology and integrated solutions enable devices to connect and communicate for monitoring, tracking and controlling energy consumption and costs, air quality, lighting, access and security so the home can operate as a fully integrated system.

Smart Entertainment

Redefine home entertainment that moves to the beat of a smart home. Fulihao technology enables cinematic-quality audio in sound bars, voice-controlled set-top boxes, and streaming audio that follows listeners across multiple rooms – and even plays through thermostats and smoke detectors.